About Money Jam

Who We Are

The MoneyJam team consists of the experienced and young minds. We need "experienced" people for their knowledge, insight and wisdom. People from whose mistakes we may learn. They are business people, investors, entrepreneurs and certified financial advisors with all the necessary academic qualifications and years of related practice in making "mistakes".

Why Us

Information overload is an understatement in todays times. Our biggest information challenge is to distinguish between true or false, applicable or not and fact or opinion. The MoneyJam team has spent many years gathering, sifting and analysing practical information and knowhow by adding our experiences. The creation of this program is a team effort and is aimed to equip our participating jammers to become financially StreetWise from a South African context.

Our goal is to assist our jammers in making an informed decision, smart choices and to avoid the multiple financial pitfalls that exist. Together it is our mission to ensure money smart youth and to shape futures.

How We Jam

If you can’t own your own business yet, you can start by owning a few businesses. This might sound like a contradiction... a share in a business effectively gives you part ownership of that business. This is exactly what MoneyJam allows you to do. Your jamming will allow you to buy and sell shares or fractions of shares in companies listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE). Fractional ownership investing makes it affordable. Anyone can become part owner of multinational listed companies.

The Program

The MoneyJam online course consists of various "GIGS" or, more commonly referred to as, modules. Each GIG focuses on a different topic guiding Money Jammers on how to become financially savvy. The course material is designed to be interactive by using infographics, images, script and video clips. To make the material relevant and practical, Money Jammers will have the opportunity to complete a quiz and assignment at the end of each GIG. To show our commitment, all enrolled Money Jammers will personally own a share portfolio after completing all the GIGS.

Take action and the first step to shaping your future.

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