How to Link Neuroscience to Your Budgeting

Brain science or neuroscience as referred to by some, has slowly but surely found its way into our modern world which makes sense, considering the multitude of studies on human behaviour. Today, concepts such as behavioural finance, neurolinguistics and neuro-leadership are quite common in the world- just think about books such as ‘’The Power of the Subconscious Mind’’ and ‘’Think and Grow Rich’’, to name a few. The fact is, our old ways need new interventions, designs and approaches.

To overcome the mental block associated with budgeting one needs to rewire or reprogram the brain. Yes, it’s possible through a few simple techniques and being aware of a few mental laws. Our brain controls our thoughts and subsequently our behaviour towards a situation, either positively or negatively. Believe it or not, our subconscious chooses for us as it distinguishes between THREATS and REWARDS in any given situation. Take the test- what are your thoughts on the current economic environment or the future of our children? Positive or negative? Do you feel threatened or rewarded? What is your behaviour emanating from these thoughts?

Generally speaking, people delay or even worse, avoid starting and looking at their budget. Why? From the above the answer lies in neuroscience, doesn’t it? It probably comes down to the uncertainty of the unknown, we shy away to avoid facing the possibility of running into the red and would rather remain in a blissfully ignorant state…less responsibility, right? The challenge, however, is to allay or rather ‘’reprogram’’ the fear by taking immediate action- tackle the bull by the horns, so to speak and to know the outcome… whether it be good or even if it proves to be challenging. You empower yourself by keeping a budget. REWARD yourself. The alternative is living and spending in limbo, living with the TREAT of never knowing where you stand and effectively not ever being able to plan.

As the saying goes, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. A budget allows us to view our current situation as it is, and it will provide ample ‘’positive’’ opportunities for improvement. None of the successful people or businesses out there operates without a budget, whether it be for marketing, cash flow, inventory or personal.

Visualising your own personal financial situation monthly is the very first step towards financial control and wealth creation by eliminating short comings and expanding opportunities. In fact, VISUALISING is a neurolinguistics programming technique.

Action always beats intention! Allay the FEAR - TAKE CONTROL- BUDGET.