Unlocking Financial Independence: The MoneyJam Story

This post was inspired by a recent statement from Prof. Adam Habib, vice-chancellor at Wits University. In essence, his message came down to this…the days are over where students could be sent into the world without a basic understanding of the economy and money matters. He was referring to graduates like engineers, doctors, artists, graphic designers, musicians etc. leaving varsity only to be confronted by the real world. The real world is one of startling unemployment, information overload and financial/economic jargon they never or hardly ever took notice of. Why should they? They have the qualification! What’s the problem?

The reality is this: our children (Yes, I say our children, because I’m a parent as well) are increasingly faced with the idea of ‘’doing your own thing’’- entrepreneurship! Suddenly, they need to understand how the economy, finance and money work and this begs the question - Have we as parents done enough to expose them to this money, economic and business matters? Most parents we spoke to the answer was a concerning and overwhelming NO!

Without knowing what Prof. Habib’s view was back then MoneyJam was born from this reality and concern, mentioned before. MoneyJam aims to equip our young minds with the basic knowledge of the economy, finance, saving, earning money and the all-important aspect of investing. Think about it this way- MoneyJam is addressing our need, our need as parents to see our children independent, especially financially independent because let’s face it, the sooner they’re independent and equipped with the skills to help them face ‘’reality’’, the sooner we as parents can do more towards our own financial independence. I fully concur with Prof. Habib to include the basics of economics and money matters in every postgraduate course, whether a Bachelor of Arts, engineering, graphic design etc. This is all good and well. But what about our children not going to study after school, should they be excluded from this knowledge?


We are all too familiar with the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime”. As parents it is our duty to be teachers/couches of life!