Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?
Access to laptop/PC/Tablet/Cell Phone with supported browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge).

Do I have to be online to do the course?
Yes and No. You will have to be online to access the course content and quizzes. Once you’ve downloaded the PDF material, you can work through it offline. The same goes for the practical assignments.

Do I have to be older than 18 to do the course?
Not at all. However, if you’re lucky enough to be younger than 18, you’ll need your parents’ consent to register for the course.

What do I do when I do not know what to do?
If you get stuck with ANYTHING relating to MoneyJam, ask your mentor for help. When you log into your profile, click the DISCUSSION button. Send a question and your mentor will answer you in no time.

Can I do the different gigs in random order?
Nope, you have to start with GIG 1, go through all the content of each chapter and once you have passed the quiz and uploaded your practical assignment, the following GIG will open up.

Can I do the course at my own pace?
Absolutely! Log out at any time. When you come back we'll take you to where you left off.

Can I rather redeem my share voucher for cash?
Nope!!! The voucher is your ticket to the investment world. We are serious about getting you started, so should you.

How long will it take me to finish the course?
That’s all up to you. There is no time limit, no expiry date and no pressure. If you're an eager beaver and really want to push it, it will take you more or less 60 hours – non stop - to complete the course. (Not Recommended)

Financial stuff is not my thing. How am I going to stay motivated to do this course?
Ask friends to register with you and do it together - it is a great opportunity to discuss matters within a group. Please don’t forget about your Mentor - they are there to help.

Are the mentors real people?
Jip, they’re not robots. Mentors are real people with lots and lots of experience, most of them are Certified Financial Advisors. If you don’t want to email them, call them. A personal Mentor is assigned to you after registration.

Will I be rewarded for completing the course?
Most definitely! Your new Jammer status comes with a MoneyJam Savvy and Streetwise Certificate, AND that’s not all - you get your first share investment valued at R500.00.

Will I benefit from referring friends?
Jip, more Mhoola! For every successful referral, you get a share voucher worth Fifty Bucks to add to your investment after they registered successfully for the MoneyJam course.

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